La Chinata Hand Care Pack

$39.99 inc. GST

This set of two dispensers of liquid soap and hand lotion La Chinata Natural Edition Home is the perfect tandem to care for and protect our hands in their daily washing. In addition; with this set, we try to add hydration to the routine of washing our hands, because external factors such as wind, sun, humidity … even the use of detergents, irritate the skin of the hands a lot and it is important to incorporate our hydration routine into our cleaning routine. With this set; the results will be clean, fresh and silky hands.

This set comes in an elegant and comfortable metal stand and both products are easy to apply thanks to its dispenser. By depleting the product, you can purchase 500 ml refills for both, soap and moisturizing lotion, both formulated with organic EVOO.

Content: 1 liter.


On one hand, this set has La Chinata Hand Soap Natural Edition Home, designed for all types of skins. It is formulated with a high percentage of natural extracts soft and light that give the skin softness and lightness. And it contains glycerin, aloe vera, olive extracts, white tea, jasmine, quillaya, bergamot and hot springs, which add healing qualities, anti-irritants, purifiers, antimicrobials, anti-aging and antioxidants.

On the other hand, this set has La Chinata Hand Lotion Natural Edition Home formulated based on hot springs, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olive Leaf Extract. In addition; it contains a floral complex obtained from the common rose, white jasmine and daisy, which leave the skin hydrated smooth. Likewise; it also has glycerin, which offers moisturizing properties, and keratin, which strengthens the nails.


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