La Chinata Cherry Cleansing Foam 150ml

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La Chinata Cherry Cleansing Foam is a cleansing lotion with a pleasant and fresh texture that turns into a fine-textured creamy foam on contact with water.

This facial care helps to remove make up and accumulated toxins during day and night. Its formula based on extra virgin olive oil, cherry extract, thermal water, glycerine, sage and thyme, adds great purifying and invigorating properties and it’s perfect for all kind of skins, even the most sensitive ones.

Concentrated thermal water has calming properties and softens the skin. The glycerine, for its part, adds hydration thanks to its wetting agents. For its part, cherry extract adds revitalizing properties and olive leaf extract offers its antioxidant and photo-protector power, in addition, it acts as anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, purifier and antimicrobial. And finally, sage and thyme act as purifier and tone skin.

It’s really easy to apply. We recommend its daily use to clean face, with or without make up. We get a small quantity of product with our hands and t is moistened with water and massage until we get light foam. When we have the ideal texture, apply it on the face with a soft circular massage from the inside to the outside during a few minutes. It leaves a feeling of freshness and cleanliness on the skin.

150 ml.


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