La Chinata Body Exfoliating Soap 100g

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La Chinata Exfoliating Soap is made with Ecological Extra Virgin Olive Oil and small olive bone granules and gives off a soft and natural aroma.

Shredded olive bones clean the pores in depth; eliminate dead cells and sebum very gently, thus improving texture and skin appearance while leaving a feeling of cleanliness and smoothness in the skin. In addition; it is enriched with natural active ingredients such as Hot Springs, which bring to the skin a greater freshness and luminosity.

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In the shower or bath, apply daily gently on the skin, especially in rough areas such as elbows and heels. The results will be a silky, clean and perfumed skin.

At the end, it is recommended to extend our Moisturizing Body Lotion on the skin to prolong this pleasant sensation.

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