Bertagni Fettuccine Fresh Pasta 300g

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Literally meaning small ribbons, fettuccine are long, flat noodles traditionally found in Roman cuisine. Slightly thicker than other cuts of pasta, their shape and size are perfect for hearty or creamy sauces.

Bertagni’s Fettucine is made only with flour and eggs which give the pasta a deep yellow color. Packaged in ready-to-cook nests, the fettuccine cooks up easily and perfectly al dente.

Serving suggestions: we recommend Bertagni’s fantastic fettucine as a great accompaniment to any of our delicious sauces.

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Founded in 1882 in Bologna, Bertagni claims the title of the world’s oldest producer of tortellini. Now, almost a 150 years later, Bertagni still bases all of their pastas on traditional, classic recipes from Italian regional cooking.
Bertagni pastas are made using only the highest quality ingredients, without any preservatives or artificial flavorings. While the methods have been modernized, the recipes still remain deeply rooted in tradition. This attention to detail and adherence to their past make Bertagni pastas a truly authentic culinary experience.


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